I'm Sandy, a recovering overachiever on a journey

from overwhelm, obesity and ultimately a devastating diagnosis of an auto-immune disorder

to a beautiful life of balance, health and amazing energy!

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Yeah, this was me...

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My life's passion and mission is to help busy people (like you!) from chaos and craziness to complete balance and true bliss.

Because you deserve it all!

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I have much better focus and more energy! Sandy reminds me of health and wellness fundamentals and motivates me to make daily changes that have huge positive results. Follow and listen to this lady!

- Angie B.

I have seen the light! I feel 100% better, more energy and an overall better outlook on life. If you want to live an inspired life, work with Sandy!

- Marg Janzen

It’s time to make changes for lasting results and live the dream life YOU deserve!

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Because YOU Deserve It ALL!!!
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Sandy is a recovering over-achiever who had to learn the hard way how health is absolutely the core connection to ALL success in life and is passionate about giving YOU a much better way! After 14 years as a top real estate agent, wife and mother of 3 amazing boys, Sandy collapsed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and realized she was 70 pounds overweight and had no balance in her life.

Today, however, Sandy rocks every day with passion, energy and vitality in every area. She is the CEO (aka Chief Empowerment Officer) of Healthy Wealthy and Slim where she stands to create a movement of healthy, energetic, vibrant and happy people. Sandy truly believes that our health is everything, wealth is abundance and the invitation of what we truly want into our lives and slim is the chance that you will slide back into your old self-defeating habits when you come along with us at Healthy Wealthy and Slim!